Sevillano picks Notre Dame


Sevillano picks Notre Dame

Sean Sevillano Jr. admitted the decision was difficult, but ultimately satisfying.

On Friday, the 6-2, 300-pound nose tackle from West St. Paul did what many young football players from Manitoba can only dream about when he confirmed he will be attending the University of Notre Dame on a football scholarship.

Sevillano will head to the South Bend, Ind., campus in 2024, rebuffing more than two dozen NCAA Division offers from schools including Ohio State University, Miami, Kansas and Auburn.


Sean Sevillano Jr. with his sister Skyla on Friday when he announced he will attend Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, a private Catholic institution, made a big impression on Sevillano, who was raised Catholic.

“When you’re choosing from schools like those ones it can be tough but there are things that set Notre Dame apart to me,” said Sevillano by phone from Clearwater, Fla. “A big one and one I haven’t talked about enough is the education piece. Notre Dame is incredible. It’s one of the one of the best in the world, no doubt about it, the faith component, as well as the people and the coaches. It was it was all big for me.”

Before he leaves for college, Sevillano will play his senior season ast Clearwater Academy International, a private school in Clearwater, Fla. It will be his third season with the Knights.

At Notre Dame, Sevillano will join fellow Canadian defensive linemen Devan Houston, from Ontario, and Quebecer Armel Mukam, who were part of the school’s 2023 recruiting class.

“That was also really cool to me, not only Canadians but guys on the D-line, right?” said Sevillano. “So I found that really, really interesting.”

Sevillano joined fellow Manitobans Dallas Sims, a wide receiver, and Dillano Glaud, a safety, on a Knights squad that claimed its second consecutive Sunshine State Independent Association championship last fall.

Sims recently commited to the the University of Minnesota for 2024 while Glaud is considering multiple NCAA offers but remains undeclared.

At Clearwater Academy International, Sevillano quickly adapted to the higher level of competition. As a freshman in 2021, he registered 29 tackles including five tackles for loss and two sacks in 10 games.

As a junior in 2022, he dominated with 78 tackles (including 50 for loss) and 22 sacks in 11 games.

Sevillano performance in the weight room also drew interest from college recruiters: he can bench press 405 pounds, squats 600 pounds and dead lift 700 pounds.

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