I have been given some spaghetti code for a login page to fix.

We’ve got two input fields ID and Password.

Here’s what I’ve been asked.
So in terms of a user inputting their ID, I want to add ‘@email.com’ onto the end.

Im assume placeholder=”@email.com” would work if i could align it to the right, but I also need to it to be added into the POST method. So if the user entered ‘ID123’ it would post ‘[email protected]

Here is the form:

<form action="command.php" formmethod="post">
       <div class="ID">User ID:<br><input name="ID" type="text"><br></div>
        <div class="Pass"> Password:<br><input name="pwd" type="password"></div>
        <input id="submit" type="submit" value="Sign In">

Can anyone help? Is it even possible?

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I noticed the following in the MPI 2.2 standard:

A datatype is portable, if it is a predefined datatype, or it is derived from a portable datatype using only the type constructors MPI_TYPE_CONTIGUOUS, MPI_TYPE_VECTOR, MPI_TYPE_INDEXED, MPI_TYPE_CREATE_INDEXED_BLOCK, MPI_TYPE_CREATE_SUBARRAY, MPI_TYPE_DUP, and MPI_TYPE_CREATE_DARRAY. Such a datatype is portable because all displacements in the datatype are in terms of extents of one predefined datatype. Therefore, if such a datatype fits a data layout in one memory, it will fit the corresponding data layout in another memory, if the same declarations were used, even if the two systems have different architectures. On the other hand, if a datatype was constructed using MPI_TYPE_CREATE_HINDEXED, MPI_TYPE_CREATE_HVECTOR or MPI_TYPE_CREATE_STRUCT, then the datatype contains explicit byte displacements (e.g., providing padding to meet alignment restrictions). These displacements are unlikely to be chosen correctly if they fit data layout on one memory, but are used for data layouts on another process, running on a processor with a different architecture.

(The MPI 3.1 standard appears to have the same language.)

Does this mean that a derived datatype created with MPI_TYPE_CREATE_STRUCT should only be used on clusters where all the nodes have the same architecture? Or does it just mean that the displacements used to construct the datatype shouldn’t be hard-coded under assumptions that an int, double, etc. take a certain number of bytes?

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I’m using ssh to connect to a remote server. On the server there is a git repo called MRFLSSVM. However, when I execute magit-status on:


Magit asks me to Create repositroy in /ssh:qmServer:/home/Chang/qmCodeLab/MRFLSSVM/?.

Any idea how to let magit recognize that repo?

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