im new to coding and my question might be a little not well presented,so excuse me for that.Im working on wordpress.
So my question is:
How can i turn That menu IntoThat. Not the same ofc,but to have slanted menu and drop menu.Here is code from CSS Stylesheet of my menu(first one) www yeai know my menu is ugly,but thats what i can do at the moment… ;D Thanks !!!

PS:It doesn’t let me to post more than 2 links,thats why i leave a space on pastebin,sorry !

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This is the situation:

I would like to debug ST’s STM8 Microcontroller with Eclipse.
For compiling, im using IAR Kickstart together with their own Eclipse Plugin. This works quite fine.

Unfortunately, they dont offer any way to integrate their C-Spy Debugger into Eclipse.

ST has an own environment, so called ST Visual Develop or in short term STVD. Included in the package is an old but working GDB. It is GDB 4.17. The source is also available and im able to compile them.

Now the problem:

GDB 4.17 does not support any modern Interpreter like mi, mi1 oder mi0. It only supports the console commands.

I tried to use an actual Eclipse (neon) with CDT (9.0) and pointed in the config to my GDB.exe i also monitored the launch of the GDB.exe
Eclipse or CDT always tries to open the GDB with the -i or -interpreter parameter. But my GDB does not know this command. So it will answer with “unrecognized command” and CDT terminates the process.

In an older Version of Eclipse (Juno) with CDT i was able to select “verbose console mode” but this also starts the GDB with the -i command.

Now the question:
Does anybody has an idea, how to deal with this problem?
The easiest way would be to tell CDT that it should not use any of the “mi” modes.

The hard way is to write a new GDB based on Version 5.0 or so. But this is not really managable for me….

Thanks for any comments.

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I’m looking at one of the Heroku machine learning tutorials using R

I’m using Debian Jessie, and to my surprise the packaged R on Debian appears to be the very latest version, released last June

$ apt show r-recommended
$ Version: 3.3.1-1~jessiecran.0

Congratulations to everyone involved in that!

So the tutorial starts:

# Load packages
library('ggplot2') # visualization
library('ggthemes') # visualization
library('scales') # visualization
library('dplyr') # data manipulation
library('mice') # imputation
library('randomForest') # classification algorithm

Some of these packages can be installed as further jessie packages

$ sudo apt install r-cran-ggplot2 r-cran-scales r-cran-dplyr r-cran-mice r-cran-randomforest

Leaving ‘ggthemes’ and ‘mice’.

So I go into R and type

> install.packages('ggthemes', dep = TRUE)

And it says:

package ‘ggthemes' is not available (for R version 3.3.1)


exists, and among other things it says:

Version:    3.2.0
Depends:    R (≥ 3.0.0)

Which looks ok.

So what am I doing wrong, and how am I supposed to install ‘ggthemes’ and ‘mice’?

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